Purchase on Etsy, Edit on Templett!

Etsy is a vast marketplace for all kinds of products including printable templates. You’ve probably already noticed hundreds of shops selling printable templates of all styles, shapes, sizes and for every occasion.

That’s wonderful because it gives you (the shopper) a vast array of styles to choose from. Unfortunately, for you (and the seller) most of them are using subpar tools to edit their templates. This is frustrating for not only the shop owner who creates their templates with these tools, but also for the customers who has to use the same tools to edit their templates.

This usually means you’re very limited to what you can actually edit on the template. We’ve got great news though!

Our Templett application is the very best way to create and edit printable templates and since Etsy is such a large marketplace of template sellers, you can now purchase your templates on Etsy and edit them with Templett.

How to know if a template on Etsy will work with Templett?

Edit with templettJust look for the “edit with templett” logo on the Etsy listing!

Unfortunately there are still tons of sellers using MS Word templates and templates created with other tools that were not designed to edit printable templates and make it very hard to do so. But it’s our goal to educate these sellers on the benefits of our Templett application and show them there is definitely a better way.

Don’t worry, we’re working on that. For now, just look for the sellers who’s listings contain the Templett logo and you can be sure that your template will be a breeze to edit and make exactly how you want it.

  • Johannes

    Hi, i love the templett editing program and will use for my invitation. I’ve foundalready two shops at etsy using it. Unfortunately “Click here for a complete listing of shops who use Templett” doesn’t show me anything. Could you give me a list of shops using it? Thank you!

    • Hi Johannes, sorry about that. Since Templett is still very new, we are currently working with just a handful of shops right now. I’ll remove that link from this page for now. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • SF

    For sellers, do you have demo for creating templates?

    • Hi SF, no we don’t. It is on the list of things to do though.

  • Jennifer McElroy

    I bought a templett from etsy and I downloaded my finished product to a PDF form and all the text has been changed and messed up. I cant figure out how to print it

  • Wilder Vanna

    I’ve been using geofilters for events and it’s amazing, it saves you money. I got something like this. Cool app. I got mine from FineFilterz.

  • Sandy Aichner

    Hello, To be clear, the $0.99 cent Templett fee is on top of the Etsy transaction fees and payment processing fee?

    • Hi Sandy, yes Templett fees are completely separate from Etsy fees.

  • Diana Gonzalez

    hello, i have bought with you before and it was very easy to use however this time around i purchased again, and i had to re- log into my existing templett account, and i do not know how to access what i purchased

    • Hi Diana, if you log into your account and go to the design area (http://templett.com/design), you should see all your templates that you’ve purchase (from both orders).

      • Diana Gonzalez

        Thank you so much!

  • Kay Lewis

    I can’t get back into my template. I had autofill on but it is saying my user name or password isn’t correct. Can you help me.

    • Hi, I’d recommend doing a password reset.

      • Kay Lewis

        I have reset 4 or 5 times.

        • Hmmm. Is it auto filling in the old password when you go to log in?

          • Kay Lewis

            I guess that’s what it’s doing. For my name it only has my last name.

          • Kay Lewis

            Is there a way for you to reset my account?

          • Please email contact@templett.com

          • Kay Lewis

            Thank you Travis. I emailed them.

  • Галина Руднева

    Hello! Tell me please how can I connect my store to Etsy?

  • Jenifer Craighead

    I would love to use this service! How long does it take to hear if I got accepted?

  • Alicia Olson

    My templett will not let me edit a text box or type in a new text box i create. HELP!


    On Easy it says you can try the Template before you buy!! I do not see how that is possible! Where is the browse or download for the templates if you buy them?


    • The seller will have a demo link in the listing description if they offer the ability to try before you buy.

  • Cindy Soto

    when I receive a downloaded PDF there are black scale on the corners of the invites. How do I remove them?

    • Are you downloading the PDF with trim marks? If you do not want them on there, you don’t have to check that option.

  • Leigh Ann

    Hi, I have completed editing my invite and when I click download it never shows up. It does the pop up I click okay to download as PDF then it says preparing and that is it. Is it my laptop or am I missing something?

    • Hi, I tested your download and it worked fine for me. I see you were using Internet Explorer. Is there another browser you can try so I can see if that’s the issue?

      • Leigh Ann

        Thank you that was the problem. I was able to download and print
        Thank you!

      • Shannon Strong Culbertson

        i had edited my template, saved it, but didn’t get to print immediately. I have since forgotten my login. I sent myself a reset password link, but i don’t know the user ID to login. Can i get help so I can get to the template i have already paid for and worked on?

  • Deb

    Having a terrible time finding my download from etsy that I had all set to print. Not sure this Templett site is working for me. I’ve contacted the seller and I guess I checked out as a guest. Help!

  • Jen

    I am unable to pull my template up on templett. I don’t know what else to do.

  • Shannon Strong Culbertson

    I cannot remember my login user ID for the templett app and i have tried resetting my password, but I can’t find my user ID. I have already purchased and edited a template and would really like to save and print it.

  • Nicole Gavel

    I am having such a hard time editing my work! The tool bar keeps disappearing and so I can’t edit the font or color. I have used this program before and never had this issue. HELP!

  • Tanya Ainslie

    I’ve downloaded my template from Etsy, but can’t seem to get the template to load in the edit window… What am I missing?

  • Jestina Bowles

    Hi there…thank you, was able to sign up…I notice a new feature that will be coming out called the “Image creator” could you explain what that is?

    • This will give you an easy way to create product listing images to showcase your templates. You can use the images for your listing images on Etsy or product images on whatever platform you sell on.

      • Jestina Bowles

        Ok great…I am reading up on everything hope to get completely set up soon.

  • Jennifer Waring

    Hi! Couldn’t find any contact details on your site so I’m hoping this will be seen here. I’m having an issue when creating custom size artwork, for some reason the bleed isn’t being included in the final PDF (the artwork goes beyond the trim lines in the editor)- even when I tick trim marks – is this a glitch? As I’m not sure why it would have bleed on everything else but not that

    • If you are using the Custom template type then no, it won’t have bleed on it.

      • Jennifer Waring

        Is there plans to add the option to have this? I understand some of the edges touch other edges so wouldn’t be able to have them, but for the ones that don’t they could have bleed on the outside – I really wanted to tile place names but without bleed I don’t think it will work

        • Yes we do plan to do it. If you create the template as the size that you want then your customer can choose PDF with trim marks and save paper and they will all have bleeds on them. This is best for place cards.

  • Jestina Bowles

    Hi Travis, I am working on my first template have some question.
    1.I notice that there are only a few elements in the elements pane but the instructional video shows a lot more, it said just scroll down for more but my scrolling stops at a leaf which is about 45 elements.
    2. Second question, can you you upload a background that has already the elements i.e for an invitation as a JPEG with florals and image then upload to templates, then add the wording which the customer can edit or will I have to upload everything separately as background, flower, image etc?

    Thank you

  • Jestina Bowles

    Hi another question. When I lock objects, customers will not be open to unlock, correct? I was just trying out the demo and was unable to unlock, not sure if It was because It was my account.

  • Jestina Bowles

    Hello, Travis…not sure what is happening to my post.. I saw that some of them were coming up as “detected spam” but it stated you were correcting that. I have started designing in Templett and some of tools such as the center tool, is really confusing. There is no ruler, which would be a great help and when I line up my graphics or text it highlights as center but they don’t look centered. So I had listed a product but took it down because it just wasn’t perfect with the alignment. I have view the creating your first template and I have work for hours with the tools but not easy. Is there any other help info available. Because I would like to get my listings up. Also is there another way to contact you since DISQUS seems to be having issues as well?

    • I’m not sure why I didn’t get notified of your posts. I just saw them now. You can email me at contact@templett.com and we can discuss things in detail.

  • Jestina Bowles

    Hi there…trying to get some response after several days, I have started my subscription and have posted many questions with no response…please help! The Design site is very slow as well is there a recommended browser to use. I am on Chrome.

  • Monica Dacanay

    Hello: I just purchased a PDF from a seller on Etsy, and tell’s me on the home page to upload but I don’t have a login name and doesn’t show anywhere to do a “create login” please advise.

    • You should have received an email with an access to link to your template. Otherwise, you can go to http://templett.com/design and follow the prompts to get access.

  • Colleen Francke

    Hi there – I’m hoping you can help. I’m not a seller and just want to access the templates I’ve purchased through Etsy. I accidentally clicked “become a seller,” and now I can’t go back to just being a “buyer” and editing the template I bought for my friend’s wedding. There’s literally no where to go back from the subscription page as a seller to the buyer page. I don’t want to have to pay an additional fee to access templates I’ve already bought. Can you help?

  • connie wong

    The file no. should be 703191 not 734777.

  • connie wong

    Our customer complains that she still can’t open the file, please follow up . thanks

  • Violet Dimitrova

    i have two clients wich not received email from you. What i missing? I’d integrate my etsy shop, also write ID in description. What is problem?

  • Violet Dimitrova

    How i can contact with support? I need help ASAP…

    • Debra

      Same – I can’t get my file to download – tried 2 different browsers. Using a Mac

      • Octavia

        ditto – any luck?

      • Sarah LeBlanc

        Site must be broken, nothing will download in any format. Templett – please respond!!

        I emailed contact@templett.com