Instructions Just Got So Much Better, Now Include Images, Links, and Video!

Giving your customers instructions to editing your templates is important to help them easily work with your templates and also to limit the amount of customer service on your end. It’s really a win win for you and your customers. With detailed instructions, they can quickly start working on their templates without any back and forth with you.

We’ve just made your Instructions so much better!

Now you can style your instructions with html. We’ve built in an easy to use editor so you can really take your instructions to the next level by adding styled text, images, links, and even video!

These changes should give you the ability to show your customers exactly how to use your templates in any format you think is best. But wait, there’s more!

Instructions are now easier to find

Instructions are no longer hidden behind a menu that your customers may not find. There’s no way they can miss the instructions now. When your customers hover over their templates, they’ll see a link to view instructions for that template.