Setting Template Download Limits

You can now set download limits on your templates. Use this feature to limit the number of times your templates can be downloaded by any one user.

Some sellers get worried that their customers can download their templates an unlimited number of times. While the vast majority of customers are honest people that are following the rules and using their purchased templates as intended, there are always others out there that are not.

The new template download limit gives you more control over your templates and how they are being used.

Be careful with this setting

If you choose to use the download limit setting, be careful about setting it too low. If you set this limit too low, you could open yourself up to a lot more customer service issues and angry customers. To help with this issue, we show you the average number of times templates are downloaded. Remember, this is an average. There are certain templates that could be downloaded much more. If you have those types of templates, we encourage you to either not use this setting or set it to a higher limit.

Using this setting in conjunction with the expiration setting should remove any seller fears of templates being used for their unintended purpose.

Where to set it?

You can change this setting in Admin > Settings > Main Settings in the Template Settings panel.

What do the customers see?

When your customer’s click on the download button in the design area, they’ll always see how many downloads they have remaining.

When your customer only has two downloads remaining, we’ll show the message in bold and red text to draw more attention to it.

When there are no downloads remaining, we’ll remove all the download options and show the message that there are no downloads remaining.

What if you need to reset this for a single template?

You have the option to reset this for your customer’s templates if the need arises. View the user details page for the user and click the Reset button next to the download count for the specific template.