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Selling Your Design Assets Has Never Been Easier

You'll love selling your fonts and graphics in Templett. We've made it so easy. Create the product listing, upload the files, and start selling!

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Our users are eager to purchase quality fonts and graphics with the proper licensing.

Earn 60% On Each Sale

We'll take care of promoting your items to our users and all payment processing fees from our cut.

All Assets Stay in Templett

That's right, your assets cannot be extracted from Templett.

No Exclusivity Agreement

You can sell your fonts and graphics here and anywhere else.

No Per-Product Approval

List and sell your items right away.

Instant Delivery to Users

Fonts and graphics are added to the purchaser's account instantly after purchase.

Why should you sell your design assets in Templett?

Our template sellers are looking for high quality fonts and grahics that they can use in their templates. Up until now, the process has been cumbersome. They needed to search out proper licenses, purchase them, download the files and then upload them into Templett. We've made this process as easy as it gets. Now template sellers can purchase fonts and design assets right in Templett with the proper licensing and have them all added to their account instantly with the click of a button.

Addtionally, all fonts and graphics stay in Templett. Our users cannot download the assets to their computers like they can from all the other design asset sites out there. This is huge for creators!

General Questions

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes, you are completely in control of the prices of each of your products.

Can I sell my design assets on other sites too?

Of course! There's no exclusivity required. You can sell on Templett and anywhere else.

Am I able to track my sales in Templett?

Yes, you can track your sales, manage your shop, and view sales stats all within Templett.

How much will I get from each sale?

You'll get 60% of the purchase price from each sale. We'll take care of the payment processing fees out of our cut.

Do I need to wait for a review before each product is listed?

No, you can list a product and start selling it right away.

Do I need to do anything after the sale?

Nope, we'll add the font or graphic to the purchaser's account and that's it!

How Will My Assets Be Used in Templett?

Templett sellers will create editable templates using your fonts and graphics. End users (customers) then purchase their templates, edit them in the application, and then print them for various life events like weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, funerals, school events, and more. Neither Templett sellers nor their customers have access to the original font or graphic files outside of the Application. They can simply download their finished templates as PDF, JPEG, or PNG files.