Printing Multiple Templates on One Page

Open PDF

If you’d like to print multiple templates on one page to save paper, it’s very easy to do now right in Templett. Follow these easy steps below.

Step 1: Click Download (cloud icon) and choose PDF

Choose PDF

Step 2: In the PDF options, switch on Trim Marks and Save Paper options

Select Options

Step 3: Choose the paper size you will be printing on and click Download

You can choose between US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) size or A4 size paper. Click Download to start downloading it. It will be downloaded to your default Downloads folder.

Select Paper Size

Step 4: Open the PDF in your downloads folder

Open PDF

That’s it. Now you can print the PDF and save paper.

  • Violeta

    If for any reason, the paper company doesn’t carry the 8×11 in a 110lb cardstock, can it print on a 18 x 12? Currently, it looks like it is only available for an A4 and US letter

    • Hi Violeta, in that case it’s best to download the JPEG or the normal PDF and let the print shop do what they would do anyway which is fit as many as they can on the size paper they print on. This is mostly just for printing at home or office supply stores.

  • angela matter

    I’m able to download to PDF with one 3.5×5′, but when I follow your instructions to print multiple on my 8.5×11… the download screen comes up but its been an extremely long time, and is just sitting at the “preparing to download” screen… is there any reason it would not be immediately downloading?
    thank you!

    • Hi Angela, I’ll check on that for you and see what’s going on.