Printing Multiple Templates on One Page

Open PDF

If you’d like to print multiple templates on one page to save paper, it’s very easy to do now right in Templett. Follow these easy steps below.

Step 1: Click Download (cloud icon) and choose PDF

Choose PDF

Step 2: In the PDF options, switch on Trim Marks and Save Paper options

Select Options

Step 3: Choose the paper size you will be printing on and click Download

You can choose between US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) size or A4 size paper. Click Download to start downloading it. It will be downloaded to your default Downloads folder.

Select Paper Size

Step 4: Open the PDF in your downloads folder

Open PDF

That’s it. Now you can print the PDF and save paper.

  • Violeta

    If for any reason, the paper company doesn’t carry the 8×11 in a 110lb cardstock, can it print on a 18 x 12? Currently, it looks like it is only available for an A4 and US letter

    • Hi Violeta, in that case it’s best to download the JPEG or the normal PDF and let the print shop do what they would do anyway which is fit as many as they can on the size paper they print on. This is mostly just for printing at home or office supply stores.

  • angela matter

    I’m able to download to PDF with one 3.5×5′, but when I follow your instructions to print multiple on my 8.5×11… the download screen comes up but its been an extremely long time, and is just sitting at the “preparing to download” screen… is there any reason it would not be immediately downloading?
    thank you!

    • Hi Angela, I’ll check on that for you and see what’s going on.

  • Heather

    I bought standard postcard card stock (4×6 Avery postcards) for my RSVP postcard that is already pre-cut 4 post cards to one sheet. However, I was hoping I would be able to edit the PDF to fit 4 RSVP’s on one sheet. Is there a way to do that?

    • Hi, 4 4×6’s cannot fit on one sheet though. That would be larger than 8.5×11.

  • disqus_EJKv4TkXcM

    I am trying to print out the labels i purchased onto a standard sheet of address labels from my computer, but the download template does not fit the address labels. How can I print them?

    • Hi, I’m not sure which shop you purchased from but most templates won’t fit any preformatted sheets like that.

      • disqus_EJKv4TkXcM

        I purchased off of Etsy. How am I supposed to print labels if they don’t fit any labels?

        • Your best bet is to talk to the seller you purchased it from and see what they suggest. The seller will have all the information you need on their templates.

          • disqus_EJKv4TkXcM

            This makes NO SENSE. This is YOUR template and you can’t tell me how to print them. total waste of money.

          • Templett is an application that is used by many Etsy sellers. Please contact the seller through Etsy because I cannot answer questions specific to templates sold by other sellers.

  • Greg Montalbano

    Hi I wanted to duplicate my template design to print multiples but there is no “Add a blank page” option? How do I proceed?

    • Hi, the option isn’t available on larger templates like signs.

  • Fred Voegtli

    Hi – thanks to your post on Facebook I figured out how to print multiple RSVP cards on one sheet. However, is there a way to print wedding place cards that would have the individual names and table number on it? Thanks

    • Fred Voegtli

      the more I think about it I most likely will have to print out blank place cards and then run them through the printer again with the name and table number on it.

  • Lisa V.

    Hi! I have a client who wants to print on a single 5×7 invite sheet of paper. What is the best download for that? She has an Office Jet Pro 8600. Would it be the single PDF or Jpeg with bleed?

    • Yes the PDF with no options checked would be best. She needs to be sure to print at 100% and make sure that her printer can actually print on a 5×7 directly. Some printers cannot do that.

      • Lisa V.

        Thanks so much for responding quickly!! 😊

        • Lisa V.


          I have a client who reached out to say they edited their invite yesterday but when they went back today to access and print it was gone and told they had to purchase it again? They want to find the file they edited.

          What do I need to do on my end to get them back into the system and find their file?


          Lisa V

          • We don’t show any kind of message that says they have to purchase it again. I’d check the customer’s account in Templett and see if their template is there first.

          • Lisa V.

            Thanks for the rapid response. Silly question how do I access their account?

          • Lisa V.

            Sorry I’m pretty new seller I’m still learning 🙂

          • Check out this link: I’d recommend reading all of the help articles.

          • Lisa V.

            Travis I have a couple orders not showing up today on Templett. One of those buyers has reached out asking about the email. Could you check to see if your server is down and how long it would be before it’s up and those sales show? One was from over three hours ago.

          • We are experiencing this right now with some orders and we’re looking into it. Please use the “reprocess order” function in Admin > Orders > Reprocess Order. Sorry about that.

          • Lisa V.

            Hi Travis,

            Just a heads up today’s orders aren’t connecting to Templett either. I have been doing the reprocess on each order as you suggested. I’m hoping they’ll get the email right after.

            Etsy has had a similar issue with their payment gateway greatly delayed about 4 or 5 different occassions over the last year. In case it’s the same payment server.



  • Felicita Morrobel

    How can I print a 2 x 2 template on labels for mini wine bottles?

    • I would recommend contacting the seller that you purchased the template from as they should have exact instructions for you.

  • Katherine Wren

    Hi, I’m trying to download my invitation as a PDF and it keeps telling me it can’t write the PDF file. What do I do?

    • Abi

      i’m having the same issue. Maybe the site is down?

    • We were having issues with PDF downloads. It’s fixed now.

  • Audri

    I am having issues saving and printing with the JPG option. It applies what looks like a 160 degree drop shadow to the design and also prints this way. At first, I thought it was for cutting purposes, but it only appears on right and bottom sides.

  • Kelly Wortel (Shutterbug Senti

    When I print 2 5×7″ invitations per page as a pdf file with cut marks, they are smaller than the actual 5×7″ size. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Katie Venaglia

    Hi, question! i’m planning on printing my invites at a Staples/Office Max company. Do I need to put my invites on a USB drive? I cant seem to figure out how to put them on the drive.

  • Christine Thomas

    i am trying to download a PDF, but the site keeps saying Preparing PDF for download and freezing. Any suggestions?!